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Space Timer Jupiter & Space Timer Moonwalk

Product videos and photography for the release of Cronoswiss’ new crafts.

Product videos & photos
August 2022


Product videos and photos for the newest release of Chronoswiss Space Timer Jupiter & Moonwalk.

The Client

Chronoswiss approached us with the wish to create a one-of-a-kind product video and photography of two of their newest crafts.

The Location

To get the desired lighting and background, we created a little piece of galaxy right here in our studio in Zürich.

The Timing

The entire project was communicated, planned, shot and delivered in July and August of 2022.​

Product Videos

Our project with Chronoswiss took us to Jupiter and the Moon. We created two dynamic, mysterious and compelling product videos, presenting you with the stunning visuals and attention to the details in the new release of the masterfully crafted timepieces.

Play Video
Play Video

One brave craft for the man, one giant leap for the watch industry.

Product Photos

Along with the stunning display of watches in the product videos we presented, we also created stylized product photos and wristshots of these two novelties. Of course, each had their own color and background arrangement, making the unique design stand out. Just like in the product videos, we displayed luminova in the dark setup with photography. That was only possible in our studio where we had complete control of the light.

Thank you, Chronoswiss

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