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Beyer Chronometrie

Pre-Loved Vintage Watches

A series of informative videos targeting second hand watch collectors for Beyer vintage retail shop.

Beyer Chronometrie
End Product
Youtube Videos


Informative Youtube videos in which we’re presenting you the pre-owned certified watches that Beyer vintage has in their offer.

The Client

We filmed a couple of informative youtube video reviews for Beyer vintage to help them introduce pre-owned watches for their second hand luxury watch shop.

The Location

Each of these reviews and watch shots took place at Beyer headquarters in Bahnhofstrasse, Zürich, and the postproduction was done in our studio.

The Timing

Shooting of these videos was scheduled in a timeframe between 2021 and 2022, with the delivery time shortly after each episode was taken.

About the Brand

Beyer Chronometrie, among its many achievements, holds one of the most impressive ones, by having the world’s oldest watch store in the entire world.

Along with the main watch department and jewelry department, they also hold great love for high quality vintage watches and have a specialized department dedicated to only those timepieces.

12 videos taking you on a treasure hunt.

In Beyer, they take special care of each watch they are in possession of and they make sure that the previously owned watches are passed on to new hands in perfect condition.

We’re extremely happy to be able to help them promote their pre-owned watches, educate their followers on each individual piece and prove the quality of each piece with our high-resolution shots.

Thank you, Beyer

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