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Armin Strom


A product video presenting the new masterpiece by Armin Strom, the Orbit.

Armin Strom
End Product
Product Video


The Orbit reinvents the most ubiquitous horogical function with the world’s first date function displayed on a bezel.

The Client

Armin Strom has been a loyal, returning customer for several years now. This time they approached us to make a campaign for them including 4 promotional videos, 1 product video, portrait photos and wristshots of their new timeless creation -Orbit.

The Location

The footage was shot at multiple locations, each one carefully chosen in collaboration with Armin Strom. The locations were following; our studio in Zürich, Armin Strom's headquarters in Biel and the main footage was shot at the Franz Gertsch Museum in Burgdorf.

The Timing

The video was recorded at the beginning of 2022, just in time before the well-known event Watches & Wonders took place in Geneva, where the Orbit made its first public appearance. Even though the range of the order was wide, we provided the final products fast and on time.

About the Brand

Armin Strom is a Swiss based luxury watch manufacturer with a rich history. Once the original founder, Mr. Armin Strom retired in 2006, the two young watch enthusiasts who frequented his workshop, Serge Michel and Claude Greisler, took over the company and continued the tradition of hand-skeletonized watch design.

Besides hand-skeletonized design, Armin Strom has another brand specific – ‘transparent mechanics’. Transparent mechanics do not only serve as an aesthetic addition but also as a visual insight into engineering skills and perfectionist approach to hand-finished movement.

The Orbit is reimagining the date function. It's a truly fun, exciting way to play with the date indication!

The Orbit

The Orbit is a true masterpiece that stands out with its outstanding feature, the unprecedented and playfully imaginative on/off date function.

Cooperating with Armin Strom for several years now made the behind the scenes a really fun experience we’re always looking forward to. There’s nothing better than when two teams who love what they do get together to create and share their enthusiasm with the world. 

Thank you, Armin Strom

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