We specialize in video production and postproduction, and our work so far has mostly focused on promotional videos, TV shows and commercials as well as event aftermovies, corporate videos, all kinds of animated videos and ad adaptations.

Our existing clients include some of the biggest companies in Slovenia. A number of the TV shows we have worked on have been broadcast on two of Slovenia’s most popular television channels, Pop TV and Planet TV, including DA Šov (a skit show featuring short comedy scenes and hidden camera skits), TOP4 (a reality game show where the contestants need to prove their modelling and business expertise), three seasons of Pozor, Priden Pes (a reality show about re-educating dogs with a serious temper), and four seasons of a gardening show called Vrtičkanje (in which a mother and her daughter share tips and tricks for gardening and tasty recipes using home-grown vegetables, fruit or even herbs).

We’ve released a variety of event aftermovies for clients and brands such as Project X, MTV Summer Blast, Tušev Tek Barv, Electronic Carnival, Kompas, DJs from Mars and Supra, as well as a number of dance performers. Our corporate clients include the Postojna Cave, Delimano, Asko, Outfit7, T2, Burn, Rotobox, Podravka, Vegeta, Chocolino, TedX, Shark, Adriatic Slovenia, L’Angelica, and many more.

The videos we’ve created for our clients from the music industry have been published on YouTube, some have been featured on MTV Adria, and Beltek’s Party Voice has even reached MTV America and all the European MTV channels.