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Design Packages


About this page

Since every company today needs a designed identity, but not all companies are at the same stage of operation, we have created this page to summarize the design packages that we offer.

With the scale of the company – keeping in mind it’s size, revenue and number of employees, the level of depth that its brand identity needs, increases.

While we always suggest our “Complete Package”, which will ensure that the foundations of your company’s brand are set correctly right from the start, we understand that monetary or time constraints might not make it possible, so we have decided to also include simpler packages, which also help you meet your goals.

Please note that in order to better show the contrast between the packages, we have used our internal work instead of client work as showcase.

Starter Package
Basic Package
Complete Brand Package
Price List

Starter Package

The starter package, just like the name suggests, helps your company get started by including the 2 basic things that every company needs: A well designed logo and business cards. The logo will be provided in all modern formats so that you don’t have to worry about print or digital media usage, as well as designed to be infinitely resizable, whether you need to apply it to a pen or to a building.

Starter Package – Step 01

Logo Design

The first step is to design a good logo. Remember, the logo primarily needs to appeal to your customers and be appropriate to use in various forms, sizes and locations. We will make sure to design a flexible logo that fits your needs.

Starter Package – Step 02

Business Cards

Business cards are one of the first pieces of design that your company needs. While a good business card will not automatically get you clients or partnerships, it can definitely help you stand out and be remembered, which will in turn give you an opportunity for a good sale. Think of it as wearing the right shoes to an important meeting.

Popular Package

The basic package is a noticeable upgrade to the starter package. Every step is more in-depth and helps to craft an idea of what the final brand identity of your company might look like. Unlike the starter package, the first step in this package is research. We take a deeper look at your industry and your competition and try to craft your design materials in a way, that will make you stand out in a good light.

Popular Package – Step 01


The first step in the basic package consists of research. This includes a small questionnaire for your company, as well as analyzing the visual language used by your industry and your competitors. All of this information helps us make designs that are more relevant and stand out, while also giving you an idea of what position your company can take in the industry.

Popular Package – Step 02


“Stylescapes” are the bridge between language and visuals. You tell us you want your company to be bold, but does that mean the same thing to you as to us? When you say the word exciting, do you think of a fun roller coaster ride or of a thriller movie? With this process, we make sure that we’re on the same wavelength.

Popular Package – Step 03

Logo Design
& Type

Having gathered the relevant information and art direction, we begin crafting a logo that will fit your brand and be liked by your target audience. We will also help you identify the typography that you should use in correlation with your brand, whether on your website or on your letterhead.

Popular Package – Step 04


As an added bonus, we design various deliverables by following the direction that we decided with the logo and the “stylescapes”. These deliverables include designs for business cards, envelopes, letterheads, flags and vehicle branding. We will also include examples of possible merchandise design that you could create, however, the final designs for these are not included in this package.

Complete Identity Package

The complete identity package is our recommended standard to ensure that your company has strong visual foundations and can grow without undergoing major redesigns. With your help, we establish your story, philosophy, position your brand inside your industry, craft its principles and identity guide, as well as design a number of deliverables that are ready to be printed or uploaded.

Complete Package – Step 01

Company Research

The first step in the complete brand package is all about you. We want to know your style, your target audience, your motivations, your goals and your pain points. Our design packages aren’t just meant to look pretty, they can and will help you reach your goals faster. What if you haven’t thought about some of these topics yet? Perfect. It’s impossible to hit undefined goals, so this first step will already help your business evolve.

Complete Package – Step 02

Industry Research

Industry research helps us understand the basic ways your industry operates, and more importantly, communicates. Each industry does this in a unique way. If we want to make your company stand out, we must first know the rules, before we can break them in a way, that makes you stand out from the competition in a positive light.

Complete Package – Step 03

Brand Foundations

With the information we have gathered, we craft your brand’s story, identify your philosophy, find relevant industry positioning and create the brand principles. Don’t worry, all of this happens with your guidance and you can sign off on it before we move on to the next step.

Complete Package – Step 04


“Stylescapes” are the bridge between language and visuals. We will create 3 relevant interpretations of your basic brand attributes, which will show you 3 visual directions that your company could go in. Are you more conservative or would you really like to shake up the industry? Let’s find out.

Complete Package – Step 05

Logo Design

We’re at the logo design phase once again, this time around however, we’re armed with extensive knowledge, that will help us craft the best possible logo that we can make for your brand. You’d like a revision or two for the logo? We’ve got you covered.

Complete Package – Step 06


The applications include all of the items from before: business cards, envelops, letterheads, flags and vehicle branding. Should you require any additional items, feel free to contact us and we will make sure to add them to the offer.

Complete Package – Step 07


Because we have spent a lot of time on inquiry and research, we understand your brand extensively and are now able to design merchandise, not just as a concept, but as the real, printable, deal. This includes branded clothing, pens, notebooks, key chains, cups, stamps and more.

Complete Package – Step 08

Identity Guides

We create the best for last. As the final step in our process we create a visual identity style guide for your company. This includes your logo and its variations, best use policies, brand colors, brand typography, favicons, key visuals, patterns and more! – All of this in a single document that you can share with future partners and co-workers in the creative space.

Complete Package – Step 09


The entire package of deliverables that you receive from us in the complete package entails: A logo package (various file formats and sizes), “stylescapes”, applications (such as business cards, envelopes, letterheads, flags, vehicles branding), branded merch and an identity guide to tie everything up.

Price list for all packages is available by e-mail.