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Swiss Watch Gang

Project Info

An introductory video to the man behind Swiss Watch Gang.


Swiss Watch Gang

Swiss Watch Gang is the leading company focused on seeking out the craziest, most unique and beautiful luxury watches on the planet, located in the very heart of the industry, Switzerland.


Zürich & Basel

The majority of the footage was shot in the beautiful city of Zürich and our studio located in Zürich. Secondary inserts were captured at Baselword 2019.


March - August, 2019

The video footage was shot across multiple shooting days from March to June 2019. Due to the client's wishes, the post production was completed in the August of 2019.

Swiss Watch Gang - My Story

Swiss Watch Gang has been providing luxury watch enthusiasts with stunning photography of the world’s finest luxurious watches since 2016. Our repeated collaborations have drawn us closer together and we were contacted to craft the company’s first corporate video, revealing the man behind the scenes and his story.

The video focuses on sharing Marko’s captivating story with his audience – old and new – enabling the viewer to get a glimpse of the face behind the brand, thanks to the establishing footage, mixed with cutouts from Marko’s every day life being combined in a beautifully flowing edit, that just reeks of passion and honesty. 




The Detail.

Beautiful shots establishing scenes from our everyday lives, laser-focused on the tiny marvels of engineering that decorate our wrists.

Every detail matters.

The Final Product

A passionate, tense and sophisticated corporate reveal video, narrated by the face behind Swiss Watch Gang. Though emotional, the edit evokes a mysterious feeling, unfolded layer by layer – until we meet the person behind the brand, his story, and his biggest passtion.


The Quote.

Get in touch and tell us about your wishes and dreams, we’ll work together to make them come true!

We're always looking for new challenges!

Feel free to contact us via e-mail ( or via our mobile phone number (+41 76 502 44 71).

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