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Project Info

Case study made for one of the most heartwarming campaigns yet.


BPCS Agency

BPCS Agency contacted us to help them shoot a case study for their upcoming campaign, which would start a big media bang.


Multiple locations in Slovenia

The footage was collected on multiple shooting locations placed throughout Slovenia. Wherever the board moved, we moved.


28. February, 2019

The campaign itself started in November of 2018, once everything was completed and recorded, we handed in the final version on the 28th of February, 2019.

Knock on Wood

Slovenia is a small country, yet very accomplished in winter sports, which results in the birth of numerous fans that cheer on for their fellow Slovenian champions. As a special gesture, BPCS Agency decided to give the fans the ability to share their feelings with the sportsmen and sportswomen. 

BPCS Agency crafted boards out of wood, which were redistributed across urban areas, giving the fans a chance to “knock on wood”, in the hopes of bringing the sportsmen luck, as the old folklore legend suggests.

The machines counted all of the knocks and the boards were collected a few days later, in order to be made into talismans, which were then given to the sportsmen and sportswomen of Slovenia, helping them to once again achieve success on the global scale.




The Detail.

A campaign inspired by folklore.

Every detail matters.

The Final Product

The optimistic and passionate support of fans inspired one of the most direct ways to support Slovenia’s hardworking sportsmen and sportswomen. The warm edit, mixed with messages of what they achieved, helped tell the story of this one-of-a-kind campaign.


The Quote.

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