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Project Info

Corporate video for the innovative real estate investment company Blocksquare.



We combined forces with the famous Slovenian photographer Primoz Korosec in order to craft an identity video for Blocksquare, an award winning real estate investment company.


Slovenia, Switzerland

The video was shot at the headquaters of Blocksquare and its branch office, which are respectively located in Slovenia and Switzerland. Blocksqaure's corporate identity is exploding with quality branding and as such, their offices are an eye candy we couldn't pass up on.


October, 2019

While the concepting phase began a tiny bit earlier, the entire production and post production of the video took place in October, 2019. With a short deadline, we ensured that we passed on the core message of the company to it's numerous users and upcoming clientele.


Blocksquare’s mission focuses on enabling everyday individuals to invest in the big, enticing market that is real estate, thereby removing a chunk of it’s entry barrier, while not exposing its users to any additional or new risks. With a wise assortment of experts and ambassadors, they have received numerous awards, including the prestigious United Nations Public Service Award.

Their request for a corporate video helps them share their mission and the basics of how their innovative technology works, to a wider audience. Because it is, like cryptocurrencies, based on blockchain technology, a fair share of it’s adoption rate requires users to understand how it works, and as such, transparency and honesty is the main message of the video.


The core of our beliefs.


The Detail.

Corporate environment mixed with B-roll footage of Blocksquare’s clean, elegant headquarters.

Every detail matters.

The Final Product

A calm and elegant statement, which takes place in the headquarters of Blocksquare helps the company express their process with integrity to a wider base of users. Beautiful B-roll footage of the offices and the workforce help package everything into an easily digestible, short corporate video that emits nice, positive vibes.


The Quote.

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